The secret to success: Coordinating expectations with the caregiver

How to make sure that the caregiveryou choose will do her job to the best of her ability, while mutual understanding of both parties regarding the needs, conditions and expectations.

Seeing a family member close to us become a caregiver is never pleasant, but often there is a situation where he has difficulty performing basic operations or you are afraid to leave him alone.

To help and facilitate change and the transition from self-employed to nursing, many seniors prefer to seek the help of a caregiver at home so that they stay in their comfortable environment and their daily routine hardly changes.

What usually includes nursing care for the elderly?

• Cooking and food preparation • Assistance in bathing • Assistance in taking off and dressing the clothes • Assistance in managing the household • Purchasing shopping and groceries for the home • General supervision and ordering medical services if necessary

What is the Nursing Law?

The Nursing Act is designed to allow seniors to continue living in their familiar home and community, in order to maintain their daily routine and ensure their quality as much as possible. The Nursing Act is funded by the National Insurance Institute. The scope of the benefit is determined according to the score received by the benefit applicant in the dependency test of the National Insurance Institute. In accordance with the government’s decisions of 11.1.2018 at the beginning of January 2020, the second pulse of the nursing reform was implemented.

Level 1 – Nursing allowance Level 1 is determined for those who have accumulated between 2.5 and 3 dependency points.

Level 2 Nursing allowance is determined for those who have accumulated between 3.5 and 4.5 dependency points. If you have been assigned a level 2 nursing allowance – you will receive 10 hours of care per week.

Level 3 – Nursing allowance Level 3 is determined for those who have accumulated between 5 and 6 dependency points.

Level 4 Level 4 Nursing Allowance is determined for those who have accumulated between 6.5 and 7.5 dependency points if you have been assigned a Level 4 Nursing Allowance – following the change, you will now receive 20 hours of care per week (instead of 19 until today), and if you employ a foreign worker you will receive 17 hours per week. Of 4.3 hours per month).

Level 5– Nursing Allowance is determined for those who have accumulated between 8 and 9 dependency points. (Increase of 12.9 hours per month)

Level 6 – Level 6 nursing allowance is determined for those who have accumulated between 9.5 and 10.5 dependency points if you have been determined a level 6 nursing allowance – following the change, you will now receive 30 hours of care per week (instead of 28 until today), and if you employ a foreign worker you will receive 26 hours per week. Of 8.6 hours per month)

In meeting the expectations of both parties the to-do list is clear and known in advance, but sometimes we need a little more than mechanical operations and cold supervision, most of the time we want a little “more”. The most can be expressed in occasional card games, reading, trips or conversations to entertain the time. True, the caregiver is there to help the caregiver continue to function normally (relatively), but it is no less important that you talk to him and make his time pleasant.

Everyone has their own special expectations of the caregiver, and whether it is a foreign caregiver or an Israeli caregiver, it is important to establish healthy communication and explain exactly how we expect our relative’s daily routine to be, what is important to us will happen (take the medication on time, see no more TV uniforms, etc.) and what is less important.

Just as we have expectations and it is important for us that they be heard and considered, so is the caregiver. In order to receive the best nursing care, with a personal attitude, a smile and courtesy – it is important to listen to the expectations of the other party: does she need a day off once a week for personal arrangements (you may need a replacement nurse)? Is accommodation needed? Does she need help with transportation or to get to the nursing home? If she does live with the senior at home, are there any furniture or certain objects that will make her feel more comfortable? If you listen to her expectations and even act to meet them, she will respond to you with the same currency – and so both parties will be satisfied.

How do you approach and make an effective expectations coordination call?

First, it is important to write down for yourself exactly what you expect from the caregiver. Then go to the nursing company before starting work (it is also possible after if you have already started the transaction process) and schedule a conversation with them over a cup of coffee. In the conversation, state your expectations, but do not present them as requirements and of course be interested and emphasize that it is also important for you to hear their expectations. Once we have noted the expectations of you, you need to see what expectations you can meet, in terms of time, money, etc. It is advisable to try to meet expectations if this does not require you to make an unusual effort and of course it is important to maintain a pleasant and professional tone of conversation.

Is it worth hiring a caregiver with accommodation?

If your expectations include a 24-hour caregiverand close supervision and the caregiver’s expectations are a place to live, then the answer is simple. It is advisable not to compromise on the matter, since if the caregiver does require supervision and help even at night, he needs a caregiver with high availability. So before you hire a caregiver, make sure she is expecting a place to live and prefers to live together or next to the caregiver.

Hiring a caregiver, whether it is aforeign worker or a resident of Israel, is hiring an employee for all intents and purposes: they have needs, expectations and desires just like us, and if we want to save worry and deal with as few problems as possible, it is very important to sit and have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Need more help or advice? Feel free to contact the Manpower Care team. We can accompany you through the process, tailor a caregiver for you, facilitate and assist you in whatever you need. We are here for you. Coordinating expectations with the caregiver

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