How to choose a nursing company

Life expectancy in Israel has increased in recent years, it’s a long known thing. However, the great promise also entails an increase in old age diseases. As a result, today a significant number of elderly people are required to assist a nursing caregiver 24 hours or alternatively a temporary nursing caregiver for several hours a day. In order to get the best assistance for those you care about, it is important to contact an experienced and professional nursing company that can accompany you and assist you in finding a nursing caregiver to suit your needs.

This is a challenging time in life, which involves a great deal of concern for the family member, alongside dealing with the many bureaucracy barriers that exist in the field. In addition, it is worth noting that as a result of the great demand many nursing companies have opened up, and today many families are having difficulty choosing from the large range of companies that specialize in nursing care for the elderly, who is the most suitable company for them.

?So what should you know before choosing a nursing company

Relevant Certificates and Certificates

First it is very important to understand who is the company that offers you its services. Does she have all the relevant credentials? Including relevant approvals from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment. And whether the company serves as a social security provider. Ask to see the certificates and do not settle for oral approval from a representative on their behalf.

Chemistry and Adaptation

The quality of care for the elderly depends heavily on chemistry with the caregiver on his side. Find out, what happens when the elderly man asks for a replacement nursing caregiver? What happens in a situation where his family is unhappy, and asks for another nanny. Does the nursing society take into account the patient’s preferences for the sex of the caregiver? To his finder? To his language? And if so, how soon on average does the exchange take place?

A variety of options

There are many options available on the market to help people who have been recognized as nursing. It is very important to make sure that every company has suitable nannies. For example, a person who needs help twenty-four hours a day, for seven days a week, will take a nursing caregiver with accommodation, who can also support and assist with household chores. There are situations in which family members take care of the elderly person throughout the day, and nighttime help is required so that they can rest and gain strength for the next day of treatment. In these cases you can choose a nursing caregiver overnight.

There are cases in which a foreign nursing caregiver will fit in, provided it speaks the language of the elderly. In contrast to other situations in which an Israeli nursing caregiver is explicitly requested.


Find out, ask and check. Take offers from several companies, so you can compare the offer and choose the most suitable one. In the end, you leave the person you care about most under the care of a nanny and sometimes for most of the day.

Special Requirements

If you have special requirements such as a language, or a certain gender, state this already in the first meeting with the nursing company.

Home visits

It is very important to check if the nursing company provides home visit services of professional workers. Control over the elderly person’s condition and the employee’s work is very important, so home visits are a section that is very important to check before making a decision.

A shell of professional manpower

Does the nursing company have social workers or nurses who provide support and advice to the patient and his family when needed? A large part of the nursing situation often requires advice or support, so it is important to make sure that the nursing company has a professional and humane envelope that will accompany you in every situation.

Professional training and conferences

Other questions that are important to ask is: Does the nursing company send caregivers to professional training and conferences? Does the nursing company nurture and invest in caregivers? Remember that the more you invest in the therapist, the more tools and guidance you give him, so in the end the patient wins.

The supply of caregivers

A nursing case is not a matter of a few days or treatment for a short period, it is usually a long and prolonged treatment so it is important to know if the nursing company you choose has a wide range of caregivers in your area of ​​residence. After all, life is dynamic so the supply of caregivers is very important even in case of changes. A large nursing company (unlike small companies) has a wide team of caregivers in every residential area, and is therefore prepared for any scenario.

Foreign caregiver

In addition to all the recommendations it is very important to check if the nursing company also has the service of a foreign caregiver. Sometimes a foreign caregiver, unlike an Israeli caregiver who is subject to the labor laws in Israel, can also assist with other chores in the household and thus significantly facilitate the patient. At the same time, it should be remembered that hiring a foreign caregiver involves work visas and bureaucracy, so it is very important to choose a large nursing company with extensive experience that can provide you with a foreign caregiver service, with the company taking care of all bureaucratic matters according to law.

What is certain is that we at Manpower Care will be happy to assist and accompany you through the process, and provide you with an answer to any question you may have on the subject.