A right, not a favor

Aging, accompanied by physical and mental decline, is a natural process that affects most of the population, creating a sense of confusion and helplessness among seniors and their families. Many entities in the community well acquainted with these difficulties grant seniors and people with functional limitations various rights and services.

To make life easier for seniors and their families, the first service granted by Manpower Care is an assessment and consultation with social workers who have expertise in exercising seniors’ rights. Our experience and professional know-how is at your disposal, along with our in-depth acquaintance with the services in the community and the agreements that we have with key agencies in the field.

Manpower Care services that help you exercise your rights:

  • The accompaniment of a social worker who stays close at hand to the senior and the family, providing all the information required, and help in submitting applications and with the bureaucratic process, until your rights are exercised to the full.
  • Years of knowledge and experience in care generally, in long-term care and in advising, all the while staying abreast of the laws and regulations, makes us well placed to provide you with the broadest possible assistance to utilize your rights to the utmost degree.
  • Custom tailored to meet your needs. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we can help you exercise the rights you are entitled to: long-term care rights, medical rights, stroke victims’ rights, Holocaust survivors’ rights, disabled persons’ rights, IDF disabled rights, and victims of hostilities’ rights.
  • Manpower Care’s working relationships and collaborations with medical agencies and the funding institutions ensures that your entitlement claim is handled in the most effective manner possible, and that your rights are maximized.

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