A shoulder to lean on 

Seniors frequently need the support, care and assistance of those around them. Over many years of providing an aging population with support, we have developed a comprehensive array of services that offers seniors a whole host of solutions delivered with attentiveness, sensitivity and unparalleled professionalism.

As you carry responsibility for and worry about your elderly parents, we offer you a shoulder to lean on.

Manpower Care specializes in long-term care and personal wellbeing services for those entitled to a long-term care benefit from the National Insurance Institute (in the framework of the Long-Term Care Law), and we accompany you all along the way with first-rate caregivers and a professional and competent team at your disposal at all times.

Manpower Care offers those entitled to a long-term care benefit and their families:

  • Professional and experienced men and women caregivers suited to the care recipient and the recipient’s needs: unique, personalized care for people with Alzheimer and dementia, specialty care for diabetics, and expertise in physical activity for the third age.
  • A social worker close at hand to accompany the family and instruct the care recipient during the process of dealing with and exercising their rights to the full.
  • Long-term care services in advance until the necessary authorizations are received from the National Insurance Institute. In the event of sudden impairment of functioning, immediate assistance can be provided, free of charge, even before the long-term care benefit is granted.
  • Round-the-clock response over the phone, day and night, and a home visit within 24 hours of the first inquiry.



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