We believe that every person has a right to live a meaningful life and to age with dignity.

Manpower Care, a member of ManpowerGroup Israel, specializes in providing care and long-term care services to seniors and to groups with special needs, and is one of the leading companies in Israel in this field.

Over many years of providing an aging population with support, Manpower Care has developed a comprehensive envelope of services that offer seniors a whole host of solutions delivered with attentiveness, sensitivity and unparalleled professionalism. As a subsidiary of Manpower Israel, Manpower Care’s motto is commitment to the people in its care, and at the same time empowering and equipping its employees with a unique set of tools.

Manpower Care caregivers are not only attentive to the everyday physical needs of the people they care for, but also offer to address the range of special characteristics of old age, including care for Alzheimer patients and diabetics, and emphasis on physical activity for the third age. Focusing on these needs, and treating the care recipient as the core around which the care is centered, underpin Manpower Care’s reputation as a professional, reliable and leading company in its field.

Manpower Care, viewing its main mission as improving the quality of life of its care recipients and providing peace of mind for their families, has taken upon itself to operate in accordance with a binding Service Level Agreement, under which the company will provide an immediate response to every inquiry, and an optimal solution to the unique needs of every person receiving care.

Manpower Care’s highly competent staff include social workers, nurses, physicians and thousands of long-term caregivers. Manpower Care is ISO-9001 certified, the standard that defines the requirements and the organizational work processes intended to provide professional and responsible care, a comprehensive response to the needs of those receiving care, plus attentive, thorough and reliable service. To meet the highest standards of professionalism, the company invests extensively into hiring first-rate caregivers, and equips them with the professional tools to succeed, including human resources and employee well-being facilities, oversight and training, and professional supervision on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to years of specialization and our constant development, and thanks to our extensive knowhow, the latest resources and systems that parent company Manpower Israel places at our disposal, Manpower Care successfully has delivered a top-notch and attentive response to all the organizations and institutions operating in the field, including the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, the Ministry of Health, the Kupot Holim (HMOs), insurance companies, and others, for well over 20 years.

Manpower Care management: