Seniors frequently need the support, care and assistance of those around them. It is precisely at this time, when family members have to enlist all their strength and resolve, that emotional and other difficulties come to the fore.

Manpower Care is fully acquainted with the complexities of the situation, and we are here for you, precisely at this difficult moment.

Over many years of providing an aging population with support, we have developed a comprehensive array of services that offers seniors a whole host of solutions delivered with attentiveness, sensitivity and unparalleled professionalism. It is our conviction that truly good care is care that is tailored to the unique needs of each and every person. We have applied this worldview by creating a variety of solutions focusing on three main areas: Alzheimer care, diabetic care, and physical activity for seniors – custom-tailored to each and every care recipient, as well as to their family.

Our major advantage lies in our ability to offer top-notch long-term caregivers. Over 4,000 experienced long-term caregivers, Israeli and foreign, men and women, speaking a diverse range of languages and each with their own specialty areas, benefit from a human resources and employee well-being system developed by Manpower Care that encompasses individual training, personal oversight and specialization in various types of care. At the same time, employees benefit from close and stringent oversight, training and instruction, and regular updates on research into long-term care and personal well-being.


 Manpower Care’s unique services include:

  • Expert caregivers to match your need. Personal supervision services for inpatients in hospital, and private long-term care services for seniors who have applied for a long-term care benefit, which has not yet been approved.
  • A round-the-clock response. Over the phone guidance by a professional staff throughout the day, and from a call center after office hours, as well as a home visit within 24 hours of the first inquiry.
  • Specialization in long-term care, including personalized, long-term care, and specialization in individual care for cognitive decline.
  • Oversight and support in choosing a suitable caregiver, and granting of services related to the care.
  • A social worker assigned to you with expertise in helping you maximize your rights, throughout the process.
  • Ordering a foreign worker: overseeing the entire process of obtaining a legal foreign worker.
  • Physical activity in the tenant’s home.