What nursing services are available and what do they include?

Nursing care services for the elderly at home are one of the options available to people who need help and care from those around them. In general, a person who needs nursing services, and in particular nursing services for the elderly, usually has difficulty performing basic activities in daily life on their own, such as getting dressed, showering, moving from place to place and sometimes even eating or drinking independently.

A nursing condition can result from a temporary or permanent medical condition, or functional / mental problems resulting from advanced age, but the result is similar: families who want to keep the nursing elderly person or patient in their home environment should seek the help of specialized nursing companies. Such companies offer nursing benefit beneficiaries (but not only) a variety of nursing services, including professional and experienced nursing caregivers tailored to the patient’s needs.

These are the nursing services that specialized nursing companies offer today:

Temporary Nursing Assistant. A temporary caregiver is a solution that can help in a number of scenarios. For example, if the care of the elderly is done by the people close to him but still needs occasional temporary caregiver for a few days and even a few hours, or alternatively nursing assistance is needed until a permit is obtained to employ a foreign worker in full-time nursing. Also, sometimes a temporary caregiver needs to be found in cases where the elderly person has undergone complex surgery and needs a pre-determined recovery and recovery time, until he returns to full function.

When it comes to a nursing elderly person who does not have the ability to perform both basic and complex tasks on his own, he needs to find a 24/7 nursing nurse, ie a nursing nurse with accommodation, available 24 hours a day, responding even at night and actually living in a special room assigned La at the patient’s home. In such cases, the caregiver is responsible for all tasks: from preparing the food and assisting with eating, through washing the elderly and changing diapers if necessary, to making arrangements, cleaning and maintaining the household.

Nursing caregiver during hospitalization. More than once, the elderly have to be hospitalized for a considerable period of time, and family members have to deal with the difficulty involved in caring for them constantly and around the clock. In such cases, an experienced caregiver can provide the assistance required for the period of hospitalization only.

SubstituteNursingAssistant. A full-time Nursing Assistant is also entitled to days off and sometimes even goes on a longer annual leave; Especially when it comes to a foreign fact. In such cases, a replacement nursing caregiver must be found, who will know how to replace the regular caregiver in a professional and sensitive manner, so that the familiar care routine will not be impaired.

Part-time Nursing Assistant. There are quite a few families in which the children choose the option of independent care at home and only divide the care tasks between them. However, even in such cases, it is sometimes necessary to find a part-time nurse who can come for a fixed number of hours each day, or alternatively be responsible for a pre-determined task, such as taking the elderly for a morning walk every day.

The choice of the type of caregiver depends, of course, on the individual case, your ability to care for the parent independently and your preference for nursing care for the elderly at home. Thus, there are  a few nursing companies that offer their services in finding an Israeli nurse or a foreign nurse, in various positions. We at Manpower Care will be happy to advise you in making the right decision for you, assist you in finding the right wpml_nbspfor  patient’s unique needs, accompany you through the process and provide you with an answer to any question.

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