How To Deal With A Nursing Home Care

After many concerns and a process of selection, bringing a foreign caregiver home. What should be done for the communication to be successful, for trust and friendship to be created, and for the expectation to come true

It is not easy to make the decision to bring foreign caregivers to the elderly at home – be it your home or the home of your elderly parents. But once you get through this stage, you stand on the couch of a new era, making a new connection. And most of all, you hope it just works. What needs to be done for this to happen?

First, it is worth remembering that your home or parents’ home deserves a person – he also has his own needs, desires and habits. Whatever his origin, love, trust and a sense of security are an international language. Therefore, as a first step, it is important to give him as pleasant living conditions as possible, so that he feels comfortable and does his job happily. At the same time, be aware and always attentive to the relationship that develops between him and the patient. After all, it is the purpose and reason for being at home.

Some recommendations to adopt at the beginning of the relationship:

Prepare a cozy room or corner – with a bed, closet, dresser for the personal belongings of the nurse.

2. Allow her privacy in her room and treat her with respect. Attitude, it is said, entails attitude.

3. Pay attention to the caregiver – to her story, to the family she left behind, to the holidays she celebrates, to her feelings. Now you are her family. She also wants to feel at home.

4. Also address the needs and habits of the caregiver. Remember that the caregiver came from a different culture, with different habits of nutrition, hygiene and more. It is important to coordinate expectations in advance to avoid further friction.

5. Prepare the family members for the arrival of the caregiver and update the family members about the meaning of her presence and rights.

Match expectations, even on issues that are not part of the employment contract: rest hours, involvement in family life, how much you want him to take on domestic and other roles, and so on.

7. Be there in the first days: Your presence is important in order to help with absorption and communication, to see how the connection costs and how the employee functions, and no less important – how the parents feel.

8. Be attentive to the patient parent’s situation and his sense of security: Is there a change in his behavior? Is he having a hard time saying goodbye to you? Is it well-groomed, clean and well-dressed? Is there enough food in the fridge?

9. Ensure medical follow-up in addition to the assistance of the foreign caregiver, and join doctor visits.

10. Track inventory of medications and frequency of purchase through receipts. Mostly sedatives and sleeping pills.

11. Make occasional surprise visits to your parents’ home.

12. Appoint a representative from one of the family members who will manage the nursing caregiver: pay her salary, keep in constant contact with her, make comments when necessary – and also know how to encourage and strengthen.

13. In the case of hiring a foreign nurse immediately upon discharge from hospitalization or rehabilitation: If possible, it is recommended that the nurse arrive at the hospital prior to discharge, for the purpose of getting to know and receiving instructions from the medical staff. It is also worthwhile to allow early acquaintance with the home and the work environment.

Manpower Care provides assistance in locating and placing the most suitable nursing caregiver for you, and ongoing support for both the caregiver and the employing family, with close and strict supervision from the date of commencement of employment.

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