And I shall deliver you into the hands of strangers

The unit for locating, screening and employing foreign caregivers

When functioning declines, and a family member needs round-the-clock supervision and assistance, we call on the help of the foreign caregivers. At this point, you will have many questions: who do I go to, how do I obtain official authorization of entitlement, and how do I find a suitable worker; on top of this, you will have concerns such as: will we be able to depend on a stranger who comes into our home to take care of our parents? Will they get on together?

The special unit for locating, screening and employing foreign long-term caregivers is unique to Manpower Care and it will accompany you all along the way, attending to the bureaucratic and administrative procedures involved in such employment, finding the most suitable worker, and overseeing the adjustment process and the actual care itself.

As a large company deployed nationwide, we can offer you the best suited caregivers, with exceptional availability, almost immediately as well as our expertise on all the related issues: personal, bureaucratic and legal. We are here to help you as your family copes with the changes, to support the caregivers, and to provide close and strict supervision for the entire period of the employment.

Only at Manpower Care will you benefit from the services of the unit that locates, screens and employs foreign caregivers:

Bureaucratic procedures: providing information and relevant help with respect to authorizations, obtaining a permit to employ a foreign worker, utilizing rights in the community to the full, and delivering updates about policy changes in the National Insurance Institute.

Finding and hiring a foreign worker who meets the needs and requirements defined by the family. A countrywide operation employing workers who speak many languages, and that provides a quick and professional solution.

Caregiver work: foreign caregivers are given training, including workshops in resuscitation, as well as training in physical activities and special care for diabetics. Full support and assistance to caregivers in the course of their work, refresher instruction in work procedures, and ongoing supervision.

Support for family members: emotional support, providing advice and tools for dealing with the entry of a new lodger into the home, and advice and guidance on carrying out day to day life.

Other solutions: a rapid and focused response to exceptional events, and mediating and assisting communication between the employee and the family throughout the period of employment.

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