Manpower was founded in 1948 and in 1968 the United States established its operations in the country.
Manpower (Israel) Ltd. and economic benefits us full support of the parent company in the US.
This strength enables it to deal with changing economic conditions on the one hand and to provide a differentiated and knowledge, resources and innovative tools for its customers on the other.

Manpower Israel has a number of companies specializing in the areas of personnel and human resources in all its diversity:

Manpower Israel
Company specializes in placing employees at various positions, employment varying periods of time, managed services, outsourcing services and project management, training, career breaks and management consulting organizations. The company has more than 40 business units nationwide, from Eilat in the south to the north of Carmiel.

Manpower Professional
Leads the field placement in Israel and is active in all sectors. The company has more
40 placement consultants who specialize in placing professionals and work through specialization: Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations and Supply Chain.

ManpowerGroup Solutions
Working Solutions specializes in providing outsourcing system (outsourcing) and project management organizations.
The success embodied basket solutions and is renewed depending on changing market conditions and dynamic, endless creativity and flexibility in adapting right processes to each customer, expertise, knowledge and rich experience.

Manpower Bereshit
Specializes in providing solutions for the ultra-Orthodox sector employment. The division offers a wide range of job opportunities in various fields: technical area, field office, finance, accounting, service, marketing and sales, engineering, administrative and secretarial, sales and service centers and outsourcing services include.

The company specializes in providing expert services in the field of information systems and high-tech professions: employee placement, employment varying periods of time, complete workflow management, project management, training and managing career transitions.

QT Quality Translations – Translation and localization services
One of the oldest and leading country in the field of translation and localization.
Professionals – translators, editors, project managers and DTP members – all committed to uncompromising quality, and always put in mind the customer’s satisfaction.

Manpower Talent – guidance services, consulting and accompaniment in building a career
Manpower Talent, provides guidance, advice and guidance in building and managing a career for people who are at a crossroads in their professional and support companies at the Organizational and dismissal.