Benefits bills:

  • Property tax and municipal tax – Entitlement to a discount property taxes at varying rates. Receiving income support are entitled forever, 100% discount.
  • TV fee – seniors who reach retirement age are entitled to full exemption from paying the TV.
  • Telecommunications – you can get a special telephone sets, designed for the hearing impaired.

Income tax benefits
Seniors and retirees unique tax benefits intended to protect and preserve the standard of living;

  • Tax exemption on rental income from assets that served as the elderly.
  • Tax exemption on rental income from assets that served as the elderly.
  • Tax credit points for non-working spouses.
  • Tax breaks on bank interest rates – interest deduction for low income and those arriving by automatic deduction eligibility age. In addition, an exemption of 35% of qualifying interest
    Deposits and savings (benefit given to a family unit in which at least one partner in the retirement age).
  • Tax breaks of institutions and homes for the elderly – who reside in a nursing home or care institution and rents the apartment is entitled to tax exemption.
  • Tax credit for bedridden parent / mentally exhausted / blind man who lives in an institution.
  • Tax-exempt sale of property for the purpose of transition to a nursing home.

Service providers benefit:

  • HMO – up to 50% discount in the registration fee for the elderly pension recipients.
  • Banks – Banks provide a range of benefits vary for the elderly and for which keep up with the bank.
  • Network Marketing – different networks provide senior citizens discounts at different rates. Card holders are granted benefits to retired or have a membership card.
  • Public transport – Senior citizens enjoy discounted fares for travel by bus and train in Israel, granting a discount of up to 50%.
  • Flights inside and outside – asked the tour company about special rates for seniors.

Benefits of leisure:

  • Magazines and newspapers – there are discounts and find them there in front of the press member.
  • Parks and National Parks – 25% off entrance fees of the National Parks Authority.
  • Museums – a discount of up to 50% of the entry fees will be given most of museums in the country.
  • Theatre and cinema – cinemas give seniors a 50% discount in the purchase of a special account.
    The situation is similar in most theaters around the country. You can usually get discounts for cultural events and also different shows.
pay attention! Information presented here may vary from time to time. Be sure to keep up with the relevant bodies.