Manpower Care Manpower Israel group specializes in providing nursing care for the elderly and special needs populations, and among the leading companies in this field in Israel.

I believe
Manpower Care sees her patients in improving quality of life and peace of mind of their families, commitment and professional mission and motto is customer satisfaction, I believe that “all tiers of its activities. The uniqueness is the winning combination of exceptional service concept and perception of the most important anchor handler for achieving quality of care she wants to give her patients.

Service Quality
Manpowe Care operates in accordance with the Convention a unique service, that is committed to quality service and the highest treatment in Israel. In this context the company to provide a fast response to any request immediate response and full availability, adjusting the optimal solution for the treatment of the patient’s unique needs.

Quality caregivers
Manpower Care operates a skilled and professional team widely, including, among others: social workers, nurses, doctors and thousands of caregivers. To meet the highest standards of professionalism, the company has invested the most resources to recruit top-notch therapists and gives them the professional tools for success, including human resources and employee welfare, guidance, training and ongoing professional supervision.

Institutional recognition
More than 20 years of Manpower Care offers the highest quality services to all organizations operating in the area, including – The National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, HMOs, and other supplementary insurance. Manpower Care is certified to the ISO 9001 international standard which defines the requirements and organizational workflows, designed to provide professional care and responsibility for, the perfect answer to the needs of patients and thorough service, kind and reliable.

Our services include:

  • Advice and assistance in realizing patient’s rights
  • Eligible elderly nursing care nursing law
  • Management of nursing homes
  • Running Tour and assistance to Holocaust survivors
  • Nursing care for Alzheimer’s patients
  • Activation Healing Center
  • Guidance and Mentoring Needs
    Special – based services
  • Care for disabled
  • Supervision and mentoring disabled IDF veterans and victims of
    Terrorism private surveillance services